We know how difficult it can be to find boots for wide calves (or for very thin calves), but here you are in the right place: just take your measurements of circumference and calf height to finally have your perfect and stylish made to measure boots (ranging from 32 to 56 cm circumference).

If you don't know how to take your measures, by reading these few lines in less than a minute we assure you that you will have all the necessary measures to make the order of your perfectly fitted boots.

Our boots are from Italian/EU sizes 35 to 42 - for some models 43, check out our international conversions table here to get the right size, or download our technical sheets here to verify what is the size that fits better for your feet.

Make sure you have a soft measuring tape, but in case you do not you can eventually use a string and measure it with a rigid meter.

  • How to measure your calf circumference:

Sit on a chair and hold your bare foot down, holding your leg folded to 90 degrees, in this position with the tape measure the circumference of the calf at its widest point, laying the tape on your skin without tightening. We suggest you to measure more than one point, in order to be sure to take the measure in the widest part. If you have an odd measure, choose the bigger one.

  • How to measure your calf height:

Sit on a chair and hold your naked foot on the ground, holding your leg folded to 90 degrees, with the tape measure the external side of the calf, starting from the base of the foot to the bend of your knee.  

Put your finger right behind your knee and make sure the measure you consider for your calf height is not higher than that. If you have an odd measure, choose the smaller measure.

If you have any doubts about the different models fit or if you have specific needs we suggest you to contact our customer care via Whatsapp or chat.


Measure the circumference of both your legs, always consider the widest of measurements in case of differences. 

Our heeled boots have a different fit with respect to the flat ones, they run slightly narrower measures being equal. Moreover your calf could be wider when tense, so, if you are going to buy a model with heel, take the circumference measure bending your foot as you are wearing heel.

If you are going to choose over the knee boots, measure your calf height as explained above, we will then use this measure to give you the perfect over the knee fit.

We are sure that you will be very careful when measuring your calf, but in any case after your order you will be contacted via Whatsapp in order to make sure there were no mistakes in taking your measurements.

If you want to have more informations about how Fillies and Boots works you can click here.